Friday, August 8, 2008

Serial and Serious killing

I am one of the few lucky people to hold a futuristic device. The device can zoom onto any place in the city and pick up the audio signals as well.It is with help of a advanced satellite technology that i could be able to capture events in the city. One of the series of events i am to describe is the aftermath of people's reaction to the killing.

It seems a group of people are on the move killing people by striking thier heads with stones and burning them. It in some sense seems to resemble the period of stone age and the time when man started flint stones. The combinaton of these two is wreaking havoc in people's minds and triggering of unrest in people' physchology. More than the killers needing physchatric treatment the public seems to be needing the treatment.
One such event i was able to witness was on a busy shop next to a highway.The loudspeaker was blaring the song which i translate that into english.
"fear is stupidity, fearlessness is dravidian property( acham enbathu madamai anchamai dravidian udamai)". The group of people seem to completely ignoring this wonderful song. This song had in the past kindled the fire of action among people and triggered them into actions befitting a karmi yogi. Oppose hindi and seek not the fruits of the opposition was the effect of this song. Such was the powerful effects of this song in the past. Hovewer the song in this present times couldnt have any effect on the people.On hearing this song i myself felt a new energy surging into my physche.But among the public a strange fear still lurked. It made them wonder whether the physchos might have planted this song among thier midst either to mock them or make them fools. Groups of women who were interviewed by TV channels seem to howl about the killers. The target of the attack were nightwatchmen and thier wives howled out thier fears. The watchmen who were brave during normal times refused to do night shifts.A strange phenomenon witnessed was that earlier dogs were beaten and hounded out.The poor creatures on the dog , straying on the roads were beaten mercilessly and driven away were now treated with biscuits,bread and milk. It made me wonder the oppurtunistic tendencies among the people.WIse men say that "small rusted peice may be used for cleaning the teeth"(siru thirumbum palluku uthavum), i.e usefullness of even small things will be in a big way. The people who had treated the stray dogs inhumanly in the past nowadays treated them with purposefulness, note that it was not human kindness but only for the sake of the stray dog's purposefullness. It was belived that pack of stray dogs could ward off the killers.
The other aspect was the resourcefullness of band of young men brandishing logs of wood in the night and roaming in the nights hoping to catch the killers. They could not go out singly for fear of killer or killers taking them out, but gathered courage only to roam around as mobs thus justifying that only mob rule and mob physchology prevailed in this part of the country as is in any part of the country.On 2 occasions the group of young men had gone overboard with thier enthusiastic energetic spirits had beaten a butcher in the morning. the butcher had it seems done his job in cutting down a goat and had his hands stained with goats blood . THe group had mistakem him to be a killer and in a frenzied mood mistook him to be the serial killer. On another occasion a resident of a locality had been mistaken to be a serial killer. The law came in between the hunt of these people and advice the young men to stop such tactics as it proved futile.Now the the men are nerve strung and stressed out.
As for the law the men are patrolling with minumum protection. While those in power are with unneeded and overdose of security the law enforcing people are patrolling with minimum weapons. It is such people who need the required weapons to tackle the gang of serial killers. Today a news came out that it was a gang operating such killings for monetary gains, but the puzzle is why the gang burns the victims.The law enforcers claim that its not physchos handiwork but only a gangs work.
Public's murmur can be heard here and there that it looks more like a masking effect and that real culprits are not caught.
A strange phenomenon is a shower of stones being pelted on hutments of people by a person or group of persons. ON lookout after the incident the person or persons are not at the scene of the crime. This has made the women stressed out and looks like they need physchatric counselling.The men thought put on a brave face still seem to have fears lurking within them.
Suddenly everybody has turned into a sherlock holmes .everybody suspects the rest and this interesting problem is apt problem to be posed to a mathematician.What is the probabality that a given person will be correctly judged to be a killer given that the opinions and thoughts of the people is BIASED.
Who will be the next victim? Who will catch the killer? Will the killer turn out to be a normal person or a physcho?These are thoughts running in the otherwise idle people's minds.The writer feels that a serial and a TV show can be hosted .The writer is sure that people will flock to see this serial or show, as thier is an element of suspicion and intrigue in the air.
The writer had first hand experience with a confused lad. IN a locality the writer interviewed a lad about the killings.THe lad pointed out some places where the killings had taken place. The lad was telling the truth but had an element of exaggeration and element of fear in him.To the writer there seemed a mathematical pattern in the spots in where the killers had done away with the victims.Could the killers know mathematics as well?
DISCLAIMER: the above is not meant to make fun of the fears of the people.The emotions are real while the people may be real based on rumours , hearsay and coincidence.The device is imaginary, and just a good old pair of ears and eyes of the writer were helpful in capturing the brave people's emotions

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