Friday, August 8, 2008

The actor and the fool

The actor had just got out of his car. he was puffed up and laced with lots of make up.he was around 55 but looked 25 owing to his cosmetic makeup. the fool was a die hard fan of the actor and raised slogans shouting praises of his idol.
The lives of the fool and the actor were inter dependant. the fool was paid 50 rupees per day while the actor was paid crores per day for his histronics.from politicians to policemen the actor was praised for all his gimmicks. the actor was swarmed by groups of college students and girls who tore at his shirt once he came out of his mercedes benz.
The fool tried to get close to his idol but couldnt reach the actor.the fool's dream to touch his idol was a continuing issue.the actor waved his hands and felt his pumped out ego even growing more. the actor at many interviews had stated that owing to his fans he had grown. not a single person had known the the actor had himself been a fool who had his own idol 20 years back. he had in the same manner tried to reach out to his idol 20 years back but each time had to return empty handed. many people at present had been lucky in touching the actor and a few had been more lucky in recieving flower petals from the actor himself.
The fool had a single meal a day while the actor was pampered in star hotels and grown fat while the fools stomach were carved inside owing to lack of food. .the fool though knowing that his and many people's money had flown in the actor's coffers had created this fat actor ,still insisted on following the actor on his trips outside in the city during shootings.
Many people had tried to follow the actor while shootings were taking place. People had grown mad about this particular actor.
They had lost thier sense of identity and individual thinking and whatever the actor was saying the people took to heart and followed it to hearts content.
While many in the crowd held the actor in a high pedestal a few were jealous that the actor was enjoying an unparalleled life style. Even political parties were wary of this particular actors popularity. though he looked faded in appearance he was considered an adonis and a dream boy and not a person bursting in his seams. He was a grand father at this time and still posed as if he was a youthful person.
All the actors and actresses poured praises on this actor fearing that thier careers would be affected if they didnt do it otherwise. A wise man was watching all this paraphenilia and felt that not only the fool was fooled but enmasse people were fooled by this actor.
Not only the fool was foolish but enmasse people were ending up in being fools in falling for this actors histronics.The actor was finally a person who like other persons eat ,slept and had the mudane feelings of others. It made the wise person think of the frailities and foolish imaginations of the public in holding this actor in such a high pedestal which he didnt deserve at all.
Had the person who was an actor won a nobel prize , the wise person himself would have held the actor in high esteem. To his perspective the actor was after all doing his job as other people were carrying thier jobs.
The hard earned money of all the people were ending up in the actor;s coffers after all for just 3 hours of so called entertainment.
It made the wise man wonder was thier a single fool or a pack of fools?

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