Saturday, July 12, 2008

Media coverage on Aarushi Talwar murder trial

The Aarushi Talwar murder trial has been ripped apart by the media so badly that there is any new story that comes out of it, is not a perspective/angle that was not thought of or discussed by the media already.

Given the larger public interest in this story, it is understandable that the news media has gathered to get their "first byte" and report as breaking news when Dr. Talwar was released on Saturday. But when the Talwar family is begging the media to just let them have some moment of private time to grieve,and that they would address the media at a later time, it is extremely outrageous that some section of the media is chasing them till they get into the house.

In such stories with great viewer interest(for multi-various reasons) it is difficult to blame the media alone on sensationalism, utter disregard to individual human emotions and such. Because there are various instances when even the involved people have made use of the media to convey a message of theirs, gather public support and for other reasons. But in spite of all this it is sad that the media persons gathered around on Saturday does not respect such a basic request of the family.

The media might in turn point the fingers at the viewers for their interest and blame that as reason for their actions. So I feel as a responsible viewer, we can register our protest in a small way to such actions by the media by either switching off the television to register our refusal to watch it on such instances or change to another channel. I think this is the barest minimum thing that we should do.

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