Thursday, July 10, 2008

Earth quake tamasha

The earthquake had struck chennai again after quite a long time. People were stricken with fear and were wondering the cause of this mild tremor.

I was watching some movie and had a power cut around 5.00 pm. I didnt know about this tremor as i had become thick skinned. Some time back i had commented to a friend of mine that people here had exceeded thier bad karmas some fury of nature would strike its hands on them to remind them of the merits of good karma. I felt that my words were becoming truer.

As i walked by the streets people were huddled together and whispering among themselves about this tremor.I got the information from them that a tremor had struck chennai.Some people attributed this as fury of GOD as people's relegious beliefs had dwindled down.While the non belivers who felt that its was thier supreme right to not believe in GOD relying in the scientists reasoning. Among the non-believers were those who inwardly believed in GOD but put up a face that they didnt believe in GOD. Among those who believed in GOD , they poured ghee,milk , burned incense sticks and chanted vedas hoping that a major quake could be averted.
The political parties workers felt that the opposition party had planted a huge device underground which could cause this tremor so as to de-stabilise the ruling regime. While the opposition party raised thier voices saying that unplanned draining of ground water could have resulted in this. Among the believers in GOD in opposition they felt that the leader of opposition was not given her right place so this could have resulted in the tremor.
The common man who by this time had got used to the common ramblings of the various groups felt his life at stake and a fear crept inside him. The next quake and he will faint.
For those who felt that brahmins were weak kneed, this tremor had shown that indeed all were weak kneed people. The papers potrayed how people with fears in thier faces looked at each other in thier faces., This indeed makes true the statement "kettle calling the pot black".
I felt before we make allegations at other group of people whether we are really morally right.

One more major earthquake in chennai and the true bravery of people will come to the streets.Its ironic that people pride in thier false bravery.


camrit said...

Hey Magesh!
That was really funny :))
Had me in splits, evidently written in a hurry to convey whatever he thought was very important !

Ramadoss Magesh said...

Hi Chintan,

So..too busy..done ego surfing..nd then google all known unknown species..hit their webpages..if they have one..nd try commenting..expect response..hoping all men are equal..some are better than others.

BTW, nice to see u here..what are ur (X,Y,Z) these days..

Best regards,