Sunday, July 27, 2008

Links to a few engaging news stories related to Cancer

Things learned after a diagnosis of lung cancerChicago Tribune - United StatesWhen a loved one is diagnosed with lung cancer, you suddenly see smokers everywhere. They are husbands and fathers, sisters and mothers. ...See all stories on this topic
Survive Cancer, Have BabyNewsweek - USAThree years later, Dauer, now cancer-free, and her husband, Greg, have a 2-year-old daughter, Sienna, and a second baby on the way. ...See all stories on this topic
My experience as the wife of a cancer patient - Guest post by AirBy Raul My husband was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic colorectal cancer 19 months ago. Since then he has spent over a month in the hospital, had several operations, and endured months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. ...Random Thoughts of a Student... -
Cancer story. Nursing story about cancer fatality to a young ...By portalshops She was visiting cancer specialists often and all scans and blood test showed she had no cancer. She was in cancer remissions for over 3 years and never took anything for granted. Here is the story. ...My Nursing Notes -

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