Tuesday, October 6, 2009

அப்படி போடு அருவாளை

Every country has its holiday schedule and we are no different. The argument that holidays result in loss of productivity is unsubstantiated. If employees work all 365 days a year, we will still experience a decline in productivity due to lack of rest. It is necessary to have holidays, more so, in the memory of the Father of the Nation. It is the only way many would remember Mahatma Gandhi.

S. Balaji,




Anonymous said...

Remembering in productive way is always good. These days are mostly treated as "RELAXATION" days.

Ramadoss Magesh said...

Hi Anonymous,

It was intended to be a fun, a debate that is provoked by Tharoor's comments and the phenomenal ways in which people are capable of responding to it.

Best regards,