Sunday, April 12, 2009

எதிரிக்கு எதிரி நமக்கு நண்பன்

David Blaker is a SriLankan state literary awardee, and like our Mount Road Maha Vishnu(for starters it is N. Ram) you cannot expect from him an unbaised write-up on the ongoing Sri-Lanka crisis. Nevertheless, it is quite heartening to read his critique of the emotional ourpouring of our Arundhati Roy, who has suddenly re-surfaced in mainstream media last week, started to feel very enraged by the Srilanka crisis and equates it to ethnic cleanising of Nazi era(now readers or the author herself has gotten tired of Narmada, Gujarat and the the latest pet project is lanka..). Excerpts from his article in Sunday Times..

Roy seems to be a victim of her own intellectual laziness. Her recent article in Times(as always sold exclusively to Hindu and one more paper)is mostly third hand information. Instead of delving into the real issues, Roy chooses to skm across what pricks her outrage the most. Roy prefers emotion and drama, and makes even well established facts sound like tribal tomtoms in the jungle

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