Saturday, March 21, 2009

Political Observations

We have an advantage that we have abundant natural resources in our country,this including a talent pool of educated people, literate people and uneducated people with wordly wisdom.

We also have several advantages like booming sectors in flourishing economy temporary minor hiccups not taken into consideration ,a maturing entratainment industry which we relish in our spare time, a expensive but renowned health care industry, network of educational establishments churning out street smart kids.
We also have a third or second largest economy in the making within a span of 15-20 years.

During the election campaigns in US, we closely followed Mr.O'bama's campaign and was thrilled by his caption "yes we can". Have we wondered whether we too can have this feeling of "yes we can"?

My following text is to highlight a pressing need of the hour for a silent but non-revolutionary awakening among us for a minor change/amendment in our political system. The makers of our constitution who have been geniuses in coming out with a fine blue print for democracy have but failed on 2 counts. I make this statement with due respect to our makers of our constitution , but with a humble spirt i make these observations.

During the 26/11 attacks we watched our youth spearheading a campaign mouthing slogans of delhi chalo to wake up our leaders in the parliament to pressing need for effective security techniques in the country. i could see in the tv , a spirt of bapu, a dynamism of nehru, a steely resolve of sardar, a determination of bhagat amongst the mindset of the youth.

Coming to brasstacks, we see a profileration of parties based on ideologies,caste based ideologies. While the democracies in US and UK with thier two party system are able to move ahead peacefully without any confusion of sorts, we are not able to do so in a streamlined manner. The reason being that during elections the voter is not able to make a clear choice in his descion , since there is a plethora of parties for a choice to be made and well as leaders of parties are confused and seem to make alliances based on permutations of future coalition parties.
Is it possible for the younger generation among us, we the people in our generation to make a campaign assertively stating that "yes we can" for a 2 party system. his would solve most of the confusion in our country as a first step.Could we press our leaders for a 2 party system at the center by making minor amendments to that effect. In this way caste based politics wont be there , in first step and the voter would not only choose between the two of parties at the center. Once this goes successfully , the success plan at the center would percolate at the states, where finally a 2 party system is also at the state.
I request our friends to think deeply with existing clarity and make up thier minds so that future generations dont go through the confusions of past and present generations.
A very simple solution being that the major and second major party could be taken as 2 parties , and remaning parties made to join these parties , either the largest or second largest party. By largest i mean in terms of party membership.
AN e.g from my humble view is that we have parties , largest being congress and the BJP, the other parties willing to form a coalition stake could fuse themselves into congress or BJP, thus dissolving thier party indentities.
I think from my humble opinion that this is way for clear cut electoral policies as well electoral choice as is prevalent in US or UK.

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